Wednesday, January 12, 2005

So I was taken to the doggie doctor for something, I don't really know what, but afterward, my belly was sore and I was very sleepy and disoriented. I couldn't do much when I got home except stand around and let my playmates pet me and fawn over me. Everything was a big blur that day, and they put a purple bandage on my arm to match my favorite ball.

The next day I felt a whole lot better, full of my usual energy, but I am told not to jump around or get too excited. No romps with Jake on the deck until I am all better.

There are little strings on my belly, but I am being very good about leaving them alone so I don't have to wear a lampshade on my head!

The doggie doctors and nurses were gentle and nice, and they gave me this!

My mugshot close up~

You can see that I am now as tall as Brother Jake (but not as wide!)

Gotta go, I smell dinner!