Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My new water toy, which I managed to put a hole in 10 minutes into playing with it.

I didn;t catch this fella's name, but he sure was playful!

This is Loki, who lives up to his name. So mischievous!

Luckily, I have honed my sparring skills lately.

This is Sugar, 13 years old, Loki's companion.

But they call her Sugarrrrrrr, because she survived being hit by a car 3 months ago. She still walks with the Pups with dignity and grace.

Chasing Lacey.

Me, Lacey, and someone else.

She kept stealing my ball. But I understand.

Chasing a Brittany.

I don't know either....Brittany's are wierd.

But sweet!

Dog Pile on Lacey!