Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sunday At The DogPark

This is Chewie.

We didn't learn these dogs' names.

But they sang us all a song.

This is Pippi.


In this shot, we see softball socks in the background.

This is Nola.

This is Maggie.

This is Honey, you might remember her.

Uh oh, out of boundaries!

With the Singing Dogs.

Yep, that other dog is trying to pee on me.

Before I go, a warning to other dogs who run with sticks.

Alot of us were chasing this dog, when the stick upended in the ground and caught the poor fella in the upper mouth. He didn't bleed, luckily, but boy was it painful! He cried and drooled for a few minutes, then took it easy after that.

All in all, another fantastic day at the Dog Park.