Friday, July 21, 2006

Lola's two years old today!!!

all day everyone kept singing this funny little song to me and being even nicer than usual

Happy birthday to you, over and over,
and sometimes I heard my name in there.
After work we went to a new doggie store near the dogpark and I got to pick out lots of toys...
This ball is my new favorite, daddy called it Kong, I have other toys called that, but they don't bounce crazy like this one does!

It was an awfuuly hot day so there weren't many other dogs at the dogpark this evening.

This is me & Sophie playing yesterday, she is the most fun dog to play with...

I don't play with other dogs much these days. It's usually nicer to sit in the shade and chew on a ball.

but it was awful fun to lay in the shade with Sophie!