Thursday, July 21, 2005

My Birthday Dinner

Here's where we went for my birthday supper.
The Berlin Inn.

Mmmm....Deutches Bier!

The ground has lots of interesting scents here.

I was very well-behaved and patient while waiting for the waiter....

I'm going to have the Chow Hound~ German egg spatzle noodles with mushroom and onion gravy, garnished with assorted milk bones.

I'm a little apprehensive because I've never eaten a meal away from home, let alone what looks like people food.

Looks, good, smells good.....

Maybe if I'm fed with a fork....

Okay, okay, I get it now, I can eat on my own.


And for dessert, gourmet dog biscuits!

It was a very happy 1st birthday!