Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I found this big stick and I am very proud of it.
I carried it around with me everywhere.

I showed it to the first dog we met today, Ruby, she's much younger than me.

I even let her investigate it.

Then I investigated her belly.

Passed the Cute Belly test!

I show her my Lotus Ears.

Ruby likes to sit under human legs.

Hey look Ruby....another dog to play with!

Her name is Sasha. I've met her before.

Aw, Ruby went home.
We also briefly met Stella.

She was just passing by, but I had to say hello anyway. It's my job.

Here is my first attempt at playing with a human child.

I ran away from him alot.
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I had a grand ol' time with this dog.....and her name is Lola too!

She's one of those ball-fixated dogs we talked about earlier.

So the trick is to run in front of her for attention.

You can see my brother Jake waaaay in the background.
That's because he doesn't play well with other dogs, like me.

Here he is watching the action.

Isn't he pretty?

Every day at the park is a new adventure! Thank you Ruby, Sasha, Stella and Lola!
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