Saturday, June 25, 2005

Lotsa Dogs Today!

Yay! Ruby is a friend and the first dog we encountered today.


This is Prince, a min-pin mini me!

What would Prince's little boy's name be?

Charles, of course!

This is Bela, pronounced Bay-La.

We went swimming.

Hershey wanders by....

See that orange toy? I would get in trouble later for continuously stealing it.

And here, I am about to steal Zoey's ball.

This is Cody.

Kira, Cody's sister.

This is Kaya.

Jagger. I really wanted to see this beauty more, but they were in a hurry.

I tried, but could not take it with me.

I shake at another Cody.

I call this guy PicnicDog, because I crashed his picnic.

Moments before I get collared for not coming when called.

So I was a little naughty today. Met lots of dogs and finally got to go swimming!