Tuesday, June 21, 2005

This is one of the parks we go to every day.

This is a view of the river I swim in.

One of my jobs is to rescue sticks.

You can see how far out I will swim to save them.

I bring them back to the safety of the shore, far enough that they won't get washed out again.

Best. Stick. Ever. Bamboo, mmm chewy!

Daddy played a trick and threw the stick off this dock.

I won't be fooled by that again!

On to the dogs we saw today.....

Sammy The German Shepherd.

He wants me to stay away from the hole he dug.

This is Shammond.

He is 13 years old and has bad hips.


Carmen and Brandy!

Jake barking at Carmen.

I love Carmen, she is sooo silly!

Here's Jake and some argyle socks.


More Everybody.

Didn't catch his name..

After a long day of swimming, I need a shampoo.